Grace Diamond - Healing your body, mind, and spirit.

I am a woman coming out of a draining relationship. When I met Grace I was unaware of the effects this relationship was having on my well being. I was lost, scattered and deeply afraid of what was to come. We came to meet through mutual a friend and what a blessing that was for me.  Our time spent has been invaluable to my personal growth. She has been a light in the dark, and a constant guide in my journey back to self.  Today, I am living in the moment, in my own truth. My appreciation extends to her well past a professional basis for she has a very special place in my heart.  I look forward and continue to work with her and enjoy many benefits in my life.  She is a beautiful soul, sharing her gifts with those around her. We are blessed.
Grace took me by the hand and helped me face all of the twists and turns of loss, rejection and life. One gift for me is knowing she is listening and what I have to say is important.  Listening is important, but helping me discover tools within myself to call upon when faced with all of life's little curveballs has given me confidence to face each new day. Grace has helped me discover my spiritual and emotional compass. I am forever grateful.
L. Klock
I found Grace Diamond through someone else I had contacted to do Reiki on our pet. I knew about animal communicators and was very open to getting some answers directly from our cat. He was having some major health issues and I need to understand more about them. Grace did an initial reading and I was surprised and impressed with what she told us. I have since had her do several readings to help us through this crisis and have found Grace to be an invaluable resource. I have asked the really 'hard questions' and Grace has been unflinching in her answers. She is very gifted and I trust her completely. She bridged the gap between us and our pet and I can't thank her enough. 
Barb Meldrum
I use Grace for all of my animal communication needs, and one moment in particular stands out while we were working with a horse named Spartacus. I told Grace that Spartacus wasn’t much fun to ride. He would leap and bounce and want to race the entire first 20-30 minutes of our ride until I played him out. Grace suggested he needed “grounding”, and she put a set of crystals together in a pouch on his stall. In less than two weeks, the change in Spartacus was amazing. We could just lope slow circles in a loose rein. His focus and demeanor did a complete turn around. 
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks Grace for embracing your mission, listening to the spirit of the mountains and following through with The Grace Diamond Collection.
Grace has inspired me to embrace my mission, listen to spirit and follow through. It all began when I purchased The Grace Diamond Archangel Set. By wearing the Archangel Crystal(s) in the neat cage on a necklace, in my pocket or my purse I can easily tune into the Archangels energy, divine messages, support, lessons and feel their presence close to me!
With having the Archangel Crystal Collection I have gone through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation! I also see the healing, miracles and transformation trickling to my family, friends and community. I feel a deeper connection with the Archangels. I also feel a lot more grounded, from the mountain infused energy.
All of Grace Diamond Collections are “One Of a Kind”! My Archangel Grace Diamond Collection is now my #1 spiritual tool. I love the beautiful crystals, pouches, and initialized black/white boxes, down to the neat little beds for the crystals that are neatly labeled and most importantly the perfect sized book with just the right amount of info. It’s clear to see Grace spent a lot of time, energy and planning with her Grace Diamond Collection!
The Grace Diamond Collection is very affordable and I love that you can meet with Grace to customize crystals to your needs or your pets, which is truly amazing!  If we all took time out of our busy schedules and purchased a set of Grace Diamond Collections, we all would embrace our mission and follow through to a healthy, happy, abundant and balanced life. 
Grace is also “a one of a kind person”, who will fill your life with grace, blessings, miracles, laughter, fun and surprises! Thanks Grace, in closing I mirror back all the blessings, love and miracles that you’ve sent my way!!!
With infinite gratitude, Kim.