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Healing Crystals

The Quest...

“There was once a young woman who was called to the Rocky Mountains. She was given a mission by the Spirit of the Mountains to infuse select crystals with the powerful healing properties of the Rockies. Every full moon she embarks on a journey to fulfill her quest. Her name is Grace Diamond, and she welcomes you to her inspired collection.”

Using crystals as a healing tool is one of the oldest methods in the world. All throughout history, crystals have been used to treat the energetic blockages that are making us sick. Crystals will speed up the healing process by working on an energetic level to release any blockages that may be preventing you from getting well.  

Our bodies are constantly creating energy. When there is a blockage to this energy, physical ailments can occur. The crystals respond to the energy that is coursing through our body, and if the energy is lethargic, the vibrations of the crystals help to stimulate these energies to heal. Each crystal has different properties, and when you use the correct crystals for the particular problem that you are experiencing, healing can occur faster. Crystals can transmute stuck or negative energy and allow the flow of healing to take place. 

Each crystal set in this collection has a function. Although all crystals have many attributes that are helpful, these particular crystals chosen for the Grace Diamond Collection have a specific job to do. They are working crystals that have select properties amplified to respond to the tasks they were chosen for.

The Process...
My first step is to carefully select the crystals that appear in each set. All of the crystals need to work well with the power, beauty and ruggedness of the Rocky Mountains.

The remainder of the process is done during each full moon when Nature’s power is at full force. All of the crystals are infused in a sacred space held deep in the Rocky Mountains.

The next step is to purify each crystal in the water that runs through the Mountains. This ensures that any negativity from the journey to reach us is washed away.

Each crystal is then buried in the earth, followed by a moon bath. This charges each crystal with the great, majestic energy of the Rocky Mountains.

Next, in ceremonial fashion, I infuse the Great Spirit and Power of the Rocky Mountains in each crystal. This super charges the energy of the crystal to ensure that it is a powerful healing stone able to help you to its maximum potential.

The Collection
Each set comes with a beautiful display case with a separate gem jar for each crystal, and a necklace with a crystal cage so that you can wear your crystals throughout your day. The sets also include a beautiful little book that tells you how to use and care for your crystals.

Archangel Set
The Archangel Set is double infused, first with the power and spirit of the Rocky Mountains, and again with the energy of each Archangel. This fifteen set collection contains a unique stone chosen by each Archangel, and is guaranteed to invite the Divine into your life. This set is used to communicate with the Archangels on a daily basis.
Price: $125.00
Chakra Set
This collection of seven is designed to clean and clear your chakras just by wearing the crystals. Each crystal corresponds to a chakra center and will remove any toxins associated to that area. It will ward off any negativity and allow you to embrace life to your highest potential.
Price: $75.00
Fertility Set
Do you need help to become pregnant? Have you had trouble conceiving in the past? This set will help you increase your fertility and help create a healthy child. The fertility set is especially useful if you are experiencing hormonal imbalances.
Price: $50.00
Cancer Relief
If you are battling cancer, this set will help you through the process. These crystals will help you understand why the disease has targeted you, and will give you the strength to fight. They will strengthen your survival instincts and reduce the amount of stress that is placed on your body.
Price: $50.00
Migraine Relief
Specifically targeted for migraines and headaches, this set will ease your pain. These crystals will take the pressure and pounding away by helping the blood vessels function properly. This set will also help neurological disorders by increasing the function between the brain and nervous system.
Price: $50.00
"Power of Three" Zodiac Set
This set is based on your zodiac sign, and embodies all of the qualities that make up who you are. This collection is designed to give you the power and strength to help you be all that you can be, and to help you take charge and realize your destiny. The Power of Three set contains three stones that will light a fire in your soul and highlight all of your good qualities and hidden talents.
Price: $50.00
Insomnia Relief
This set of three will help you have a good night’s sleep. The Insomnia Relief set will quiet your mind and calm any worries that may be keeping you up. Also good for those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Price: $50.00
Pain Relief
This crystal set will work with the meridians in your body to balance your magnetic field. Much as magnets are very powerful healing tools, these crystals have the same properties to take away pain. These crystals will give you the energy you need to heal. Instead of using a muscle relaxer or pain medication, the anti-inflammatory properties of this set will decrease your pain quickly and be much easier on your body.
Price: $50.00
Heighten Your Intuition
These crystals will help you to decipher the messages that are being sent to you. The sun and moon are both represented in this set, helping us to see through the cycles of change to view the big picture. By wearing these, you are removing any blocks from your guidance and encouraging your emotional intelligence to show you the way. You will be filled with light and energy to bring the life back into your step.
Price: $50.00
Increase Your Confidence
If you need help with your confidence levels, this set will boost your self-esteem to give you the power and strength needed to get through life’s difficult situations. They will help you to overcome your fears and develop a strong resolve to help you go after what you want in your life.
Price: $50.00
Improve Your Memory
You will have increased clarity, be able to remember past events, and help quiet your mind to focus on what is important. This set will show you what you need to know, and then help your mind to store it where it is easily accessible at a later date. This set is great for students or anyone needing to remember important information.
Price: $50.00
Protection Set
These crystals will protect you as you complete your daily journey. This set will cleanse and purify anything that is not for your highest good, and protect you from negative energy and psychic attacks. This crystal set will protect you from negative toxins in the environment, including cell phone energy rays, radiation, and smog. You will have a shield of protection around you from that which may harm you, including bad thoughts about yourself.
Price: $50.00
Stress Relief
The Stress Relief set will calm your nerves and your mind, removing the fearful thoughts and replacing them with peace. Your emotions will stabilize, and you will replace thoughts of lack with thoughts of the abundance in your life. If you have a quick temper or are more anxious than you need to be, this set will bring you peace. The stress relief set will also help to release any phobias you may have.
Price: $50.00
Grounding Set
If you feel spacey, dizzy, or that your world is spinning out of control, this collection is for you. This set will provide balance to your life, and connect you to Mother Nature so that you are rooted in your body and fully in control of your life. It will ward off any negativity and allow you to embrace life to your highest potential.
Price: $50.00
Menopause Relief Crystal
This crystal will help your menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, balancing your hormones, and alleviating fatigue. It removes cellulite. Citrine will also bring you abundance. **This crystal is sold with cage and chain only and does not include box, gem jars or instructional booklet.
Price: $20.00
Grieving Crystal
The Apache Tear is believed to shed tears in times of sorrow. It comforts those who are grieving and provides insight into the source of distress. It bestows deep soul healing and promotes forgiveness at the same time.
Price: $20.00